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Don’t get it scrambled, we aren’t just like any other TikTok marketing agency. We pride ourselves on being pioneers in TikTok marketing. Our experienced and well-seasoned experts boast years of experience navigating the social media landscape, with a specific focus around TikTok. We've harnessed our skills through several successful paid and organic campaigns, keeping up with trends, and adapting our TikTok marketing agency techniques to evolve alongside social media algorithms.

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Innovative Strategies

At ‘I don’t give a cluck’, we place ourselves at the precipice of innovation. Our methods and strategies aren’t just about following trends but setting them! Utilising our deep understanding of TikTok's algorithm, user behaviour, and trends, we can formulate campaigns that engage and inspire audiences about your business.

Creative Excellence

We believe that creative content is at the epicentre of an engaging and compelling strategy. Our London based TikTok agency boasts a team of talented content creators, designers and storytellers to collaborate with you to create eye-catching visuals and authentic stories.

Data-Driven Results

Even though its creativity that drives our decisions making, we make sure to analyse your campaign metrics vigorously so that we can fine tune and tailor your strategy to continually improve and optimise the performance of your campaign.

Client Centred Approach

Your success is our top priority. Our client orientated approach incorporates clear communication and an unwavering commitment to understanding your brand to align with your goals and create a TikTok campaign that stands out from your competitors.

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Organic Campaigns

Through implementation of user-generated content, trends and relatable storytelling, our organic TikTok campaigns aim to foster a community-driven approach, letting your brand connect with your audiences in a more meaningful and spontaneous way. {Find out more}

Paid Campaigns

With our paid TikTok campaigns, we can unlock driven reach and engagement to strategically promote your content to refined target audiences. You can let us use our data-driven approach to ensure that every penny spent turns into viral success. {Find out more}




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